At the arena in Schildau you will find eight tight ordered obstacles. Wherever you are watching from the gallery or the stands in the middle of the arena you will always have a great view over all obstacles. Every obstacle reminds of a special fairytail which pertains to the local history of the region Schildau.


Visitors an starters should becomfortable in Schildau. The kindness for competitors and visitors is very important. You will enjoy not only the amusing stories of the inhabitants of Schildau and teir legendary fairytails but also a perfect organised competition and self made cakes. But these are just a few specials of the Pferdesport-Arena Schildau.


There will be no champion without practise. The local rod and gun club “Schützengilde Schildau” sponsors world-famous champions like Steffen abicht and Carola Slater-Diener, who are both world champions. Both of them and also other members of the club use the arena regulary for their training.