The region Schildau-Belgern

04 Schildau

The region Schildau-Belgern has a marked character. In Belgern you will find the 6 meter high statue of “Roland” next to the town hall in the city center. Schildau however is well known for its legendary fairytails of its inhabitants, the simpletons. Also the general field marshal “Graf Neidhardt of Gneisenau” still has a valuable historic importance for the Schildau inhabitants.

Welcome at the forest area Dahlener Heide!

The forest area “Dahelner Heide” is a wild romantic nature preserve. You will find it at the administrative district of Nordsachsen. In the 16th century the Dahlener Heide was a hunting ground for Saxon electors. The forest area got its name from the smal river “Dahle” which has its source in here. A lot of natural and extended tracks for walkers, bike riders and equestrians cross the forest.

Overnight stay at the Dahlener Heide!


Around the Dahlener Heide you will find a lot of possibilities for overnight stays, for example hotels and bed & breakfasts. You can also enjoy cosy traditional restaurants.